About Us


Wylie Dalziel Racing provides owners with the ultimate racehorse ownership and personal thoroughbred experience.   Wylie has been a dedicated and committed racing enthusiast for the past 20 years. Over this time Wylie has built up an invaluable array of knowledge from the Late Roy Higgins and contacts with legends within the thoroughbred Industry. 


More recently Wylie and champion trainer Peter Moody have joined forces to take Dalziel Racing to the next level of racehorse syndication. Wylie and Peter spend countless hours going through the catalogues then shortlisting yearlings after inspecting all of them at the sales around Australia.  Once Wylie and Peter are in agreement and the yearlings have met all our criteria including pedigree, type and price then the horses are shortlisted and pursued in the ring.


Horses previously selected using Wylie can be viewed on our success and highlights page. Our focus at Dalziel Racing is being upfront and honest while putting our energy into looking after our horses and the ownership experience.  We aim to deliver a journey by making your racehorse experience fun and fulfilling while offering an array of different opportunities and experiences. These include meeting new friends, joining a national networking group, complimentary and subsidised social functions and the opportunity to attend track work visits on a regular basis.


This opportunity allows you to see your horses being trained and looked after with their trainers along with all the race day privileges of being with Wylie, our trainers and jockeys in the mounting yard and all of the inner sanctum experiences that racing offers.


You will be kept up to date constantly by having exclusive access to our owner login area, with your horse having its own individual webpage and updates received through email and text messages. Regular photos and up to date messages will also be posted on your horse’s webpage.