1. Can anyone get involved with Dalziel Racing and race with Australia's leading trainers?
Yes! We have many owners ranging from tradespeople to managers, students to business executives, owners of both small and large businesses and people from all walks of life. Our concept is structured to ensure that almost anyone who wants to become involved in the excitement of racehorse ownership can!
2. What is the smallest share I can take?
Our partnerships are a minimum of 2.5 per cent ownership. A five per cent ownership allows all owners the opportunity to have their name in the race book, but if larger shareholders are involved it can still be possible for 2.5 per cent owners to have their name in the race book. However, it is quite common for a group of people to purchase at least a 10 per cent share – or as big as they want – to form a “syndicate” among their friends or colleagues. This is a very easy process which Wylie can expertly guide you through. And this also reduces your cost but still gives you that wonderful thrill of racing a thoroughbred with Wylie who is in the ownership of all horses.
3. How do I find out about my horse’s progress?
We have a Website for all owners, which is updated regularly with photos and up to date news. We also send out horse updates to each individual owner and a regular newsletter goes to all owners keeping you constantly informed of your horses progress and events coming up for Dalziel Racing members.
4. Can I visit my horse?
Part of the enjoyment and excitement of owning a racehorse is being able to watch your horse gallop and see how it gets trained. Any owner, regardless of the share percentage they own in a horse, can arrange to visit our various stables and you will be welcomed with open arms. You can bring your camera, take photos and watch the jockeys and track riders take them through their training workout. Stable visits can be arranged by contacting Wylie Dalziel.
5. What are the ongoing costs after I purchase my share?
Monthly ongoing costs vary from month to month, depending on what stage your horse is at – in training or out spelling. As an approximate guide monthly fees on average from $350 to $450 per month per 10% share. This covers all costs including transport, routine veterinary costs, jockey fees, nominations and all associated training and racing needs for your horse. This does not include nominations for Group or listed races or veterinary surgeries or procedures.
6. How long before my horse will Race?
Our horses are yearlings when we buy them from January through to April each year. Generally horses don’t race until they are late 2 year olds or early 3 year olds so from the initial time you get involved you are looking at least 12 months before they start racing. Some horses however are mature and athletic enough to race as early 2 year olds which means you may get to the races with your horse 6 months after you have purchased your share. We will keep you updated on your horse and his progress and this is all part of the Journey.
7. Where will my horse race?
Our trainers will race a horse where it is most suited to the conditions and this adds an exciting element to racing with Dalziel Racing, whether your horse is racing locally or interstate you can be assured a great weekend and social occasion out of it – which is what it is all about!
8. What are the benefits of racing with Dalziel Racing?
The benefits of racing with us are outlined on our website. No matter how small or big your share ownership is, and whether you have a share in one horse or many, you will enjoy great communication and social activities and be in regular contact with us and your horse. The advantage of joining Dalziel Racing is you can be assured your horses will be with Australia’s leading trainers and jockeys.

Dalziel Racing will charge a modest monthly account fee that assists in managing and manage all the updates, communication and anything you need to know. We have a great Winning Strike rate and are proud of our results The focus of our concept is to look after you, the owner – and to have a whole lot of fun.

9. How is prize money distributed?
All prize money is distributed in proportion to your share in the syndicate deducting standard trainer, jockey percentages. EFT payments are distributed about 15-20 days after the race where the prize money was won and distributed by the States Racing Governing bodies.
10. Who gets the winning Trophies and the naming of the Horse?
The largest shareholder in each horse has first option to receive any trophies that the horse may win during his career and has naming rights. However the largest shareholder may decide to donate some of the winning trophies back to the remaining shareholders and either nominate another owner to be given the trophies or put all the owners’ names in a hat for a chance to get one. The largest shareholder may also wish to allow the other owners to put in name suggestions in which case it is then voted on by all the owners for the most popular name elect.
11. Should I insure my horse?
All our horses are insured at Fall of Hammer cost and are included in the purchase price for 12 months. After this period it is up to individual owners to decide whether they wish to continue to insure their share. The insurance company will contact you to see if you want to continue. We would also advise on which horses should definitely be insured according to their value.
12. What happens when the horses racing career is over?
When a horse is ready to be retired we will advise owners as to the best scenario for both horse and the owners. If the horse is worth money at stud or as a broodmare, we tend to sell through a public auction or to a bloodstock agent. Horses can also be sold interstate or overseas to continue their racing careers. All monies are divided and distributed according to percentage of ownership and paid into your nominated account via EFT.

Horse welfare is our most important concern and if one of our horses is not a breeding proposition or in the case of a gelding has no future in racing, we retire those horses to good homes to give them a life after the track. This ensures they are looked after and cared for post racing and many retired horses find their way into equestrian pursuits.

13. What if the horse doesn't measure up to racing and does not perform well?
Both Wylie Dalziel, our trainers and management would advise as to the best possible solution. In most cases a horse will be sold overseas or to interstate jurisdictions where the racing is a lot weaker and the horse has an opportunity to be competitive. Again the dividend is divided among the owners according to their share.
14. Why would I go into a racehorse?
Quite frankly, if you’re asking the question, then you probably shouldn’t race with us. Having a share in a racehorse is exciting and is a thrill that you will never forget – especially if you win a race or two. You should always stick to an affordable budget and you should always treat it as a hobby and not an investment.

It is a great way to meet people, network and connect with people. It is also a huge adrenalin rush when your horse wins. Social occasions are fantastic and you can involve your partners and kids in a lot of our social days. It will also allow you to travel and experience the major racing carnivals around the country, should you wish to do so.